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Fayette Latrice Reynolds, mother of five from Stockton, CA, is an author and the founder of Vision Purpose Network, where she creates experiences that move you to "connect with purpose" and fulfill your dreams. She affectionately refers to this as, "from the sidelines to the game." In 2020 she published her first book, A Life Worth Living, Loving & Forgiving, from Broken to Purpose, a self reflection expose on how she navigated a painful and difficult childhood.

Fayette believes sharing our stories and celebrating life are essential to our healing, happiness, and our overall well-being. Her second book, A Life Worth Celebrating, is currently being written. 


From a GED to a college degree, Fayette received her Master of Science in Health Sciences with a concentration in Public Health in 2012. Currently, Fayette works as a Care Experience and Diversity, Culturally Responsive Care and Inclusion Consultant in the healthcare industry. Her passion for the arts and community engagement has allowed her to support and partner with others to create positive experiences through music as a ‘special event DJ/Emcee.’


Fayette Latrice

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What started as a short, daily affirmation challenge, quickly evolved into 100 days worth of one word inspirations that Fayette has shared with the world. Enjoy her OneWord Blog and OneWord Images below.

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Watch as Fayette Latrice gives insight to A Life Worth Living Loving & Forgiving on the Against All Odds Podcast with Rebel Rae and R Collins. 

DJ Fayette is an active member of the Stockton community and she is on a mission to inspire those around her. As a DJ, she fills rooms with music, and as the founder of the Vision Purpose Network, Mixers and meet-ups, she is filling rooms with people who have vision and dreams and value partnering in order to go the distance.

This conversation includes connection, faith and the power of vision!

Podcast Appearances

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