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Are you being obedient to your call...


doing or willing to do, compliance with an order, request, or law, or submission

Obedience is so appropriate for where I am in this moment!!!

Today’s Word is number ‘98’, a few weeks ago I decided to end at 100 in order to reclaim my time for something that I have not made a priority, I have not been obedient! My ‘One Word’ journey was suppose to end at 30 days but turned into so much more, no regrets, as these past 3+ months have been amazing! They have prepared me for something greater and as a result many have been encouraged, inspired and motivated by the words I have shared. But I have to admit it was your love and feedback that fueled my drive to keep going, it gave me a since of approval that I was making an impact. And then I see this on my perpetual calendar....

“Don’t trade your authenticity for approval” (June 21, Perpetual Calendar)

True confirmation!!!

What areas of your life are calling for more obedience?

What have you been called to do? Do you have a passion or desire so deep in your heart that you know it’s your purpose nagging you to move, to step into it, but you make excuses or you allow things to distract you?

Be obedient to your call!!!

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