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Bouncing back...


the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties, toughness, an ability to adapt to stressors, to recover from or adjust easily to misfortune or change or simply bouncing back in the face of adversity.

I saw ‘Resilience’ on someone’s timeline and thought about how this one word shows up in my life time and time again. Around the age of 19, while living in Milwaukee, I learned I was ‘adopted.’ By 24 and through a chain of events I met my biological family in California. Imagine living and knowing things to be one way in your life for 19 years and then one day, unexpectedly you’re given this news. Those who know the details of my story will often say, ‘how did you do it’ or ‘I don’t know if I could handle that’. I have even been told ‘I would have been so angry, depressed or gone crazy’. My response to the many expressions about my reality... “I guess all of this needed to happen for me to be here in this moment with you.” Now I know it was resilience that helped me through my most difficult times. I believe God gave me an extra dose for my journey so that others would see the possibilities. I am resilient!

How does resilience show up in your life and how well do you bounce back?

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