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Do you have big expectations?

EXPECTATION... a strong belief that something will happen, or that someone will or should achieve something, a feeling that that good things are going to happen in the future.

Are expectations a set-up, set-back, or a matter of perspective?

Have ever heard someone say ‘manage your expectations’ or don’t expect to much, you’ll only be disappointed... perhaps you thought this yourself regardless if your goals are big or small. I have, especially when experience challenges, I find myself rethinking my ability to accomplish my goals and tempted to change or adjust them to something more achievable, thus downsizing my expectations. When I listen to ‘influencers’ who have a level of success, I’m certain it’s because they have large expectations and they surround themselves with individuals who do too, and who encourage and inspire them to be great in whatever they set out to do. The support (or lack of) from others can be a set-up (for success) or set-back.

Do you have the right people in your life to support your expectations?

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