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Don’t leave until you can stay!!!


having or showing an accurate and deep intuitive understanding of a person or thing

This was my experience last night in Stockton as I watched and listened to Ms Iyanla Vanzant speak and sow in to hundreds!!! It was impossible to leave the same or leave without the thought of change!!!

One of my most profound powerful takeaways was when she said...

Don’t leave until you can stay!!!

Don’t leave until you can stay can be applied to all relationships in your life... partners, family, friends etc. It takes a level of growth, maturity, and being secure with all of you and your decision to go/leave a situation. Personally speaking, I can be reactive and act from an emotional state where I’m beyond done! So thankful for insight and how it shows up in my life!!!! THANK YOU Iyanla Vanzant for making an Impact!!!!

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