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I AM Whole...

Whole...all of, entire, in an unbroken, undamaged state in one piece.

I am Whole! You are Whole! In line with yesterday’s word ‘Identity’ who you are, the way to think about yourself, and the characteristics that define you... being or feeling whole can be difficult to fathom when you feel broken or less than. I use to live in a space where I allowed my brokenness to consume me, there were times I believed I was flawed, damaged and not worthy. I didn’t know or understand the power of affirming myself, and how that simple act would strengthen my belief. I understand that this does not erase, diminish or dismiss the experiences that caused me pain on my journey, however, I now choose to address these disruptions by believing my purpose is greater than my experiences, I believe it is within me to overcome obstacles, I believe I am enough... I am whole, repeat, I am whole, repeat.....

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