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Letting go, setting free...


allow or enable to escape from confinement; the act of setting free or letting go, to give freedom or free movement to someone or something

Yesterday I released emotionally, I cried for no immediate reason, other than I had time and space to let go and let the tears flow. I didn’t overthink why I was so emotional in that moment or what triggered it, I just allowed the tears to flow. They say crying is cleansing and I believe through this process you are also releasing energy that is counterproductive to your purpose, you are letting go.

I’m learning to ‘release’ more frequently, and that this is continuous, it’s a process. I’m learning ‘release’ varies in its expressions and what it looks like, it can be emotionally charged resulting in cleansing, or letting go of clutter or relationships that no longer serve your purpose. I’m in a season of release, I’m decluttering my physical and mental space, I’m removing distractions so that I can be open and ready to receive what’s next, what God has for me.

This is a piece I wrote many years ago, probably more than a decade, it speaks to how I’m feeling...

last night...

i cried again

not tears welled up in my eyes

noticeable to others

not tears running down my face

touching my lips

the lips that spoke words expressing

hurt… pain… sorrow

and then dropped off my chin

i cried tears welled up inside

my whole body became full

full of my tears

i wanted to explode

to pour out to get out

but i was trapped inside of me

last night i cried

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