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We are ALL Over-comers... defeat or succeed in controlling or dealing with something to overpower or overwhelm in body or mind

Often times I’m asked, where do you get your words, do you have a list? my response is I created a list but typically they come to me during the day from a conversation, or something I’m reading or listening to, mostly the words I choose are related to an experience or they impact me personally. The word ‘overcomer’ came up in my Facebook feed in relationship to a powerful story of a little boy who had a challenging start and is continuously overcoming, when the odds were against him.

Reading his story reminded me of the many things I too overcame, and now looking back it’s hard to believe I’m where I am today, when statistically I shouldn’t be, I am a walking testimony. In 2005 I received an award from the University of the Pacific at a special ceremony prior to the commencement exercises, I was awarded the ‘Come from Behind’ overcoming obstacles award, they basically read my entrance letter that aired more about me than I wanted the world to hear, my excitement was also mixed with feelings of shame, I had totally missed the realization that in that moment I truly was an overcomer!

We all have situations, some painful, emotional, and uncomfortable, that we didn’t think we would make it through, and then one day we were on the other side of it. These experiences will most certainly impact how we move on our journey, allow them to be the wind beneath your wings moving you to higher heights, closer to your purpose.

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