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What are you attracting?

at·trac·tion... to pull to or draw toward oneself or itself, to exert a force that draws something in

Such a powerful question! When your purpose, intentions, and expectations are clear you create an energy that draws what you need.

This has been my experience with Vision Partner Mixer/Meet-ups. I set my intentions on creating an experience for others to feel supported on their purpose driven journey and everything I needed fell into alignment for success (individuals and resources).

My passion and energy was so strong that I attracted the same from others and those who weren’t feeling it moved out the way. This is why your circles change as you grow and mature in your purpose, your energy will attract what you need and sometimes what you don’t need (or want). Be aware of the vibe you’re giving are you attracting positive or negative energy?

“Be the energy you want to attract” (5/30 Perpetual Calendar)

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