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Who’s in your Community?

Community...a unified body of individuals, group or groups who share a common interest, cause, or similar characteristics

Never under estimate the power of your community, your tribe or your village, the individuals who see and believe in your vision.

Yesterday I posted, I’m unavailable for negativity, doubters and discouragement because I understand the unified power in your community. The individuals who encourage me most surround themselves with people who support them and have goals as well, why would someone spend valuable time with naysayers and pessimist talk about things that don’t promote growth and expansion. This does not mean I’m cutting people off or out of my life it simply means I’m unavailable to entertain or converse about things that drain my energy or distract me. The energy it takes to get back on course can cost you time and resources. Have you ever found yourself caught up in someone else’s chaos and then realized you missed an opportunity with someone else or something that you needed for your purpose?

DISCLOSURE: I am not saying we don’t support, help or listen to those who truly need us, especially if we are in the best position to do so. But I am saying know the difference between people who genuinely need you and those who are on assignment to steal your joy and distract you from your purpose!

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